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‘Black Panther’ and the New Expectation of Black Excellence

Since the announcement that the Black Panther was going to get a movie three years ago, after the character’s introduction in Captain America: Civil War, I have seen the momentum for the project build from a quiet curiosity of what a movie starring a Black superhero would look like to an overpowering roar of excitement from people all around the world.

Black people, many without even knowing a thing about Black Panther or its comic book origins, have galvanized around this movie in a way the world hasn’t seen before....




‘Wearing Our Movements’: Afropunk Fashion Is Defiance

Over the past 12 years Afropunk — which started in Brooklyn, New York with just one stage and a skateboard park — has become a cultural haven celebrating Black culture and alternative Black music.

As the festival has evolved and spread its arms around the world from London to Johannesburg, many things have changed — the artists, the size, the locations — but the space for expression that Afropunk not only creates but also cultivates, has remained constant.

‘Hidden Figures’ Film Is Not a Perfect Adaptation, But It Is Powerful

Although Hidden Figures follows the nearly forgotten lives and contributions of three Black women “human computers” who crossed race, gender, and career lines to push the needle forward for women scientists everywhere, its power as a film does not rest in its perfect depiction of historical events.



Black Girl Nerds

Black Girl Nerds

Essay: Prince and the ‘Controversy’ of Existing Unapologetically

Beyond his music, the revolution of Prince — for a generation of kids who grew up at the height of divorces and with the birth of personal technology that allowed us to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world — personified the identity of self-determination, self-discovery, freedom of expression, and the ability to create and identify one's self that many of our parents did not have.

Essay: Finding Hope in a TARDIS: Violence, Racism & Headline Fatigue

Over the last few months it's been harder and harder for me to turn away from headlines splattered with police brutality, murders, terrorist attacks on churches and a blatant disrespect for the lives of people of color. The past two years seem to be a constant barrage of violence, death and frustration, with blatant racism and bias at the root of it all